Walk in the footsteps of the Castle Lords
It is said that castle town of Matsumoto prospered very much as intersection of some big ways in the Edo era.
It is tour to follow one, hofukujigaido of those.

hofukujigaido connected Matsumoto Castle downtown area and Ueda castle town and was important way which the Matsumoto lord of a castle used by daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo.
In addition, it is said that it is not from hometown, and many travelers came and went from the whole country because we share route with Zenko-ji way halfway.

On this tour, we leave Matsumoto Castle and follow 16km to Honjin of hofukujishuku.
Honjin where lord stayed in becomes inn (village forest Villa Honjin) where you redecorated old folk house into currently and can enjoy lunch and relaxed time.

In addition, there is sale of plan with accommodation, pickup and drop-off of village forest Villa Honjin offer, too.

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